2 LED Screens are installed in Uwalk, Riyad, Saudi Arabia A successful Project of P-3.9 Outdoor LED Screen Can View Multiple windows at the same time with HDMI, DVI, and SGIp pots
9.2 sqm Indoor LED Screen installed in Lebanon, Downtown P-1.86 LED Screen can View multiple inputs, like Camra and Computer
5 LED Screens were Installed at the jashanmal showroom in Saudi Arabia 2 LED Screens are in U-Shape sizes of each screen is around 14 sqm Eye-friendly LED Screen LED Screen can display HDMI, DVI, SGI, and VGA ports
Installed 15 sqm LED screen in Ferrari Showroom, Bahrain its P-1.86 indoor LED screen LED can display multiple windows at the same time with multiple input source
P-4 Outdoor LED screen, size 24 sqm installed in Bahrain private cinema LED Screen can be attached with multiple inputs like live streaming, Camra, and Computer and can be used for presentation.